Quote of the day:

22 05 2012

“A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everyone believes, except the person who made it.” – Albert Einstein

Photo of the day: The Real Nike

13 05 2012

This is the Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre. It is unbelievable, 190BC this thing was made. Click on the pic for higher res.

Photo of the Day: Sparkling!

7 05 2012


Like most of my photos, another opportunistic one; here I was waiting at one of our favourite Pizza spots, and Jules took the kids off to the little girls room; the light was bright and allowed my trusty old Panasonic DMZ-TZ6 aspire to greater pretensions.

I was really pleased when I got this up on the PC screen later – it seems so fresh and clean, like an iced-jacuzzi!


Photo of the Day: Gilded Shore

6 05 2012

I have to assume pilots become jaded by the array of scenes they are privileged to see. What a shame!  This picture taken along the western shores of France – the river is the Seudre, just north of the mouth of the Gironde.

Gilded Shore

Photo of the day: Gateway

4 05 2012

The Gateway Arch in St Louis is cooler than most people probably realise. It’s bigger and older than I expected, and far more compelling too. You mostly only see it in silhouette, but all angles give something to contemplate. It reminded me of Brancusi’s Bird in Space,  for the feeling of thrust, and it’s feeling of ‘trying to escape’ the ground. Click for the full res photo.

Photo of the day #4: Evoke

3 05 2012

Came across this on the beach at Lynton on the north coast of Devon. The colours and texture had me scrabbling for my camera! Click to enlarge!

Photo of the day #3: La Grenouille

1 05 2012

I took this at a beautiful place near Toulouse, where every picture seemed to come out like, well, professional – and maybe that’s why I got this nice shot.

It’s like the frog said: “Ok, ok, I’ll pose with this nice contrast since you’re on a hot streak, don’t take too long or I’ll be some bird’s lunch!”

La Grenouille